Glide Google Sheet : one row to multiple rows

Bonjour à tous,

I have a game ( tab 1), in this game I have couple of people(tab 2) who can be interrested in.
I made a lookup column to find their phone number ( they are comma separated but in the same cell joine list column)

I would like to create in tab 3 (google sheet) a row per personne who match with the game to send a message per personne

I tried with glide X zapier X google sheet but it made just one row with all the phone num in one cell while i wanted A row per phone number.

Do you know how to transforme “one cell with X data” to “a row per data”?

Par avance merci !

here you go:

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 2.59.52 PM


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Thanks a lot !
In my case I dont know if it will be ok .
As it’s a multiple user app, it will have more than 1 row called (each row have 1 cell with X items)
As you can seeI have a REF issue. “Mistake
The result has not been expanded, so as not to overwrite the data of C251.”

To tell you everthing my app will help people to find player

When they click on the button " ask the coach to find player"

It will add a row on my google sheet with the phone number of the people who match with the current game.

Then, I send sms to them throught a small app for free, (Send SMS Text Messages to any Phone Number with Google Sheets and Android - YouTube)
1 row = 1 recipient

This little app allow me to send bulk sms but not automatically ( I’m sure there is a way to call the function when a new row is added)

you need to install the trigger onChange, and run the function…

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Many people use Make instead of Zapier, and I think you can set up Make to iterate through a comma delimited list or an array. I haven’t done it myself, but a few other people have. Or, you could create a google script that will read each row in your table and write a new row in a different table for each separate number in each row.


Thank you @Jeff_Hager, I will try it with Make and let you know if it works!

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