Multiple Categories

Hi! how can I add a new category for each student (based on signed-in user) aside from the Attendance? thank you!

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 11.40.01 AM|690x431

Hi Patricia,

Can you elaborate more on what categories you want to add? And would each of it link to a new screen?

hmm… I am trying to connect 2 lists for 1 student… for example:

when I log in (as parent), I must see the summary of Attendance and Sanctions for my child (student).

So what I would set up is:

  • A “Profiles tab” that contains an Email column, a Type column and a Student column.

Users with a “Student” type (I assume students can log in too) will not be able to add a “student” email to their profile row.

Users with a “Parent” type will be able to add a student email to their profile row.

  • In the Profiles sheet, create a relation linking the student email column to the attendance sheet and return all matches. Do the same for the sanctions.

  • When a “Parent” logs in, filter the screen by email is signed-in user and show the two relations above. You can probably use 2 buttons and set the action to “Link to screen”, value being the 2 relations.