"Multiple Button" component

I totally agree

Here’s my take on side-by-side buttons:


Thanks @Robert_Petitto for your intervention. As I wrote above, I know this solution, it is easy to implement and would be the native solution for multiple buttons but I don’t feel like implementing a link to screen inside a Compound because I’ve had very bad experiences of losing everything inside the linked screen. It’s not just me who has had this problem.
In any case, the possibility of having buttons that are not sheet fed still seems useful to me.

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We just need them to release the containers function they are coming out with that allwos the multibutton setup. Also, I would like to be able to setup input fields side by side with a button and other input fields.

A great example of this is someones address you want address, city, state, and zip all side by side. It takes up too much room for something that should be together to be 4 lines of a form.

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But January, right? January 1st? New editor? Am I right? 20 days? 3 weeks? Am I huh?


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