Multiple admins... with different conditions?

We’re a student freelancing platform making a timesheet app in which students can log their hours and then send them to the company they’re working for. We are using the free version of Glide.
Our question is, is there any way to make every client an admin, but with certain conditions?

  • Our clients should only be able to see the hours of the students that are on their project (condition no. 1)
  • The company can have multiple different projects, each with a different group of student(s) working on it
    (condition no. 2)
  • There can be one or multiple students on each project (condition no. 3)
  • Each student is assigned to at least one project, but can also be assigned to multiple projects

If you have any clarification questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Thank you!

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Just create a column called role and assign a role to each user, then play with visibility conditions based on the role you gave them

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Assuming you have a user profiles sheet, separate your clients and your students by something like a role column like Pablo suggested.

When you add a new student, make sure you add a client ID, or whatever is unique from the client, in the student info. You will also pass that info to the submitted hours of each student so you can filter the hours list by that info.

Same approach as above, your projects table should have something from the company/client that is unique. Seeing you’re using a free version, try adapting this to add multiple students to a project to save rows.

Same as above, see the Trebuchet thread.

There should be no limits to this using the approach above.

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