Multiple accounts on same phone?

(I have not tried it yet)

Can we login to multiple instances of a glide app on the same phone using different or same browser with different email ID?

Technically feasible ?


At the same time you mean ? Is so yes only if you use different browsers or using some sort of private pages with login credentials A & login credentials B on your « normal » browser.

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@AymenM Yes I meant the same time and diff logins say A and B on two different browsers like chrome and firefox or safari and chrome.

Considering in conventional apps we cant have multiple instances of the app with diff account logged in at the same time ( keeping aside few android phones which allow dual instances of certain apps ). Wondering if it’s a good or a bad idea in Glide’s case.


Yes, you can have several accounts open at the same time (I just tried).

Add app to Home Screen
And set up with different emails