Multi-select - for different group of users

Now that we have the wonderful long-awaited multi-select on the choice component, I have the following problem to solve natively in Glide
Multiple users which belongs to different groups.
User1,2,3 - Group1
User4,5,6,7 - Group2 etc. etc.

All Users in Group1 by using choice multi-select, can select and deselect items, but is only visible for Group1
All Users in Group2 have their “own” multi-select which they can select and deselect.
All of this form the same Items source

It can be done by using @Robert_Petitto Trebuchet method, but would be great if this can be done by using the new choice multi-select.


So it’s like user-specific column but it’s group-specific column, is that correct? And you don’t know in advance how many groups you will have?

Hi ThinhDinh, yes you are correct