Groups of users have access to choice component

Here’s the scenario I’m trying to create. Hoping someone can point me to a similar post on here or offer a solution.

For each item in my main database, I have a choice component that allows the user to essentially categorize that item. Category 1, Category 2, Category 3. Using related fields and user specific columns, it’s set up so that each user’s choice is their own and they can only see their chosen category.

But what if I want to do that by organization. So if Bob and Alan work for ABC Corp, the choice component represents how ABC Corp categorizes the item. And either Bob or Alan can change it, and both Bob and Alan can see the current choice.

One clumsy approach I had was to create a “user” that is actually a generic email address at each company and if they are signed in under that generic email then they can choose and view as that org/user and thus multiple people sign in under the same address will see the same thing. But that has obvious practical problems, et.g for signing in, with everyone needing to be able to access the generic email address to get the sign in code.

Is there some other way to make the choice component available to a group of users and only those users? I think I can solve the related issue of how to display the resulting choice to a limited group.

I think this is just about exactly what you need:

Sure looks like it! Thanks.