Dear Glide,
Do you have any clue wheter or not you may propose this feature? and if yes, when?
They are turnaround methods, but they are heavy to implement, and far from providing the same UX; therefore, if you had a planning on this topic, it would enable us to decide to wait for it or not
Thanks in advance

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That would be swell! In my case I have farmers market vendors selecting what categories they’d like to be in and they have to optionally fill in three different fields. So Multi select would be nice for them.

You can use vlookup to provide you with the same feature you are currently requesting.

An example of this would be lets say you chose something from one field. that data is entered into a vlookup field in sheets which then changes the list that is produced by the vlookup. If you are expecting multiple users then do the same use relation and lookup and it will work the same. It may not look as fancy but it will allow for a list select change based on another list select.