Mp4 from google Drive not working in glide

My app’s URL:

hi Glide team,

I have an MP4 file in my Drive which I’m trying to get into glide but can’t seem to make it work.

the file size is 84mb so it’s under the 100 mb limit and the sharing is set to anyone with the link.,

appreciate the help!

Can you share with me the specific link of that video so I can try embedding it on my test app?

of course, thanks

Not sure why it doesn’t work with the original link you provided, but when I used inspect and get the “background” video link it works.

The link is here.

can’t access your link. says I don’t have permission and anyway I want to understand why my link is not working as it should.

@Mark and @Jason, appreciate if you take a look and check why it’s not working as it should.


also, can you share how you do inspect and found the background link?

Of course,

I think the hotkey for opening Inspect Element on Windows Chrome is Ctrl + Shift + J, on Mac it’s Command + Option + J.

On the window you have a tab named Network. Everything that loads in the tab would normally be shown there.

As this is a video, I looked for the link in the Media tab.


thanks, managed to do the same but still want to understand how to make it work as it should with the sharing klink

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@yinon_raviv have you tried putting the video on another site e.g. cloudinary to see if the problem is google drive or the interaction between glide and google drive

NB: I do understand the need to understand why things do not work👍

How are you brother?
I embedded the video in Google site from my drive and it worked perfectly.
Also, upload the original to Vimeo and connected to glide and it worked well.
Only from the drive to glide it didn’t work.
When I was doing what @ThinhDinh recommended and used the background link from my drive it worked so the problem probably relate to the sharing link itself that for some reason glide wasn’t able to read and present


@Mark @Jason

how are you guys?
appreciate your inputs on wether there is a bug with the embedding of video from google drive or if I did something wrong when sharing the link to glide/


Appreciate your respond on this.


For some reason I can’t get @Markor @Jason to address the bug so appreciate if you could raise this issue.
I want to launch my No-Code guide app which include paid videos as well as free.
The paid videos can’t be hosted in you tube and I want to use my drive but there is a bug that is not allowing videos from drive to show in glide.

Awaiting your feedback.


Sure Yinon, I’ll connect with them.

They are pretty darn busy, so it’s nothing personal. :wink:

I don’t take it personal brother. just want to the bug fixed or understand if I did something wrong :grin:

I still don’t know what is going on with this. I am working on it.

Thanks. Let me know once you figure this out

Hi @Jason

Any update with this bug?

Hi @Markand @Jason and @JackVaughan

Appreciate if you update the status of this bug.

I can’t launch my app untill this is fixed as all the tutorial in the app which include videos are from my drive and can’t make them work