MP3 audio not working


I’m working on a little app that pulls data from an RSS to show all the latest vinyl records from a store - - the problem is that the audio player keeps giving me an error, so the audio won’t play.

I noticed that when I type the URL in the browser it actually redirects me to the release page - - so I guess this is the reason.

Is there any workaround I can use, or the store simply “blocked” the access to the audio?

It’s taking me to a purchase page, so I’m guessing it’s not truly a link to an mp3 file or it’s a bad link and the page is doing a redirect. The clips on the page have links that work. What RSS link are you using? I looked at a couple of the RSS links and non of them contained mp3 links.

Hi Jeff, thanks for looking into it – yes that’s what happens to me as well. If I’m not wrong the mp3 is pulled out scraping the web page of column B. I did this some months ago and just back to it so I can’t remember exactly.

This is the RSS -

Here’s the link to the sheet -

On the “Test” sheet I was trying to pull out all the track with Parabola + ParseHub, but I can’t make it to list the tracks in the rows corresponding to the record

I’m guessing there is a setting on the hardwax servers. When I visit the media link from my computer, the music plays just fine. Same with using your app on my computer. The audio links work fine.

When I try visiting the media link and using your app on my phone, that’s when it doesn’t work. I’m guessing the hardwax site or server has a setting that checks the user agent of the browser. If the user agent indicates that the browser is a mobile device, then it’s redirecting to the album page instead of playing the media file.

I manually typed in one of the mp3 links into my mobile browser. It redirected to the hardwax website. Then when I changed to desktop view in the mobile browser, the the mp3 started playing. The funny thing though is that the particular link started working in the app and I couldn’t get it redirect to the page again. I’m guessing it’s some sort of caching in my browser. Trying a different link still gave me the redirect to the website until it was cached. I’m not sure there is anything that can be done, unless you can get the hardwax site to make a change for you.

Some of your media links also seem to be bad links. Like the example in your first post, I get redirected to the hardwax site on my computer browser, but I also couldn’t play track 01 on the page either. Feels like a lot of things going on here that are not in your favor.

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use =IMPORTXML instead of =IMPORTRSS
the Glide audio component needs the .mp3 file to work. The =IMPORTRSS function in doesn’t load that.

Best way to set up your sheet is to first import the RSS and after that add the XML. In this way you keep all info and files lined up.

Thank you Thomas! Actually on A1 I use =IMPORTFEED(“”,TRUE)

I did try with =IMPORTXML but is not working, I believe because I’m missing the needed xpath query. But I’m not sure what should I use in my case?