Moving Multiple Images to other DB

Using the info about the Multiple images picker

I cannot find a way to transfer the images in one dataset to another dataset? What am I missing

Are you talking about an array of images (as generated by a Multiple Image column), or a list of images (each on their own row)?

I am talking about the multiple image column.

So what do you actually want to do with it?
When you say you want to move from one dataset to another dataset, what does that actually mean?
It’s an array of images, so there are various ways to manipulate it. Just depends what your end goal is. For example, are you wanting to pick out specific images and move them to another multiple image column, or…?

I mean adding the Multiple images column to another multiple images column in a different dataset via the action add row.

make sense?

Kind of, although if all you want to do is combine two multiple image columns then you don’t actually need an action. You can just use a Make Array column to combine them into a new Image array.

If you wanted to write that new array into another Multiple Image column in some other table, then yes you could use that in an Add Row action to write the array from the Make Array column into a new row.

Not sure if any of that helps?

I’m still confused by your use of the term “dataset” - that could mean many things… and I’m not clear what it means in this context.

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