Upload Images To Multiple Images Column DIRECTLY In Database

When setting up dummy data in the Glide database, we need the option to upload images in the ‘multiple images’ column directly in the database, like the way the ‘Image’ column functions in the Glide database, where you click on the cell and you’re presented with the upload image screen.

Currently, the only way to upload images into the ‘multiple images’ column, is to add an image uploader component in the layout screen, and upload from there.

There is another way, if you already have a list of the URLs of your images.

What you can do is create a joined list of URL’s and paste those into a text column. Then use a split text column to create an array. You can then use a set column values action to take that array and set it as the value in the multiple images column.

It’s a little bit clunky, and may not work for your use case, but I just wanted to point it out as an option.

Interesting solution but I think it’s a very hacky one in a place where I don’t think you need a hack.

I think the Glide team forgot or overlooked to make it that when you click on a cell in a multiple images column, the same uploader popup that popups within the layout tab should popup on the database side as well.

Probably more of a “bug” then a feature…

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