Gallery -> Join column -> then back to image gallery

How would I do the following and to have it work?

  1. Multiple images

  2. Join those images
    2.a I want it in a join column so its easier to transfer across data homes.

  3. With a the join column displaying those images in the image component.

I need a way to do it where it captures the images, I need a method besides doing single value methods.

Do you mean you want to basically copy the content of a multiple images column to somewhere else?

Yes, the way to grab all the images instead of doing a single value for a set amount of images.

Doing the single value thing in an array is the only way I found it to work.

You can not display images using a joined list column. You should have an array instead. That’s why the original multiple images component works, it’s considered an array. If you split the joined list column, you can also find that it works.

Can you describe more about your use case? I don’t understand why “single value” is relevant here.