Moving a page

How can I copy a home page to another page that has been created

You can copy all the components and paste…would that work?


I’m trying to put the copy in on another page of an app I’m building so How would I put it in as an action

I don’t follow. You cannot create screens from actions. You can only create Rows in your data table. Are you trying to give users a way to add a new record to your table and thus give them a new screen based on that new record?

Yes but, within the copy of navigation screen for a page in the app that I’m building

I’m not following your structure. Does it mean each user would have a specific tab/screen for the new record they created? Can you describe more about your use case?

Im creating an app for women & their husbands to keep track of their cyclic health & beyond that point as well so im trying to copy & move different parts for different age groups

Wouldn’t it be easier if you have component visibility conditions based on the age group and just have one tab?

Yeah, How can I do so?

Please review this.

Its just me

I’m sorry, but you are going to need to provide a better description of your problem and a lot more context. Preferably with some screenshots and/or a video. I think most of us have absolutely no clue what you are asking for. This is probably something that could be answered in minutes, but we are now 3 days into this and the rest of us are still trying to understand what you are trying to.

Be thorough with your questions so we can properly visualize your problem. We don’t know what your data looks like. We don’t know what your app looks like. We don’t know what your app is supposed to do. Explain it as if we’ve never seen your app before…because we haven’t. These short responses don’t help very much and it’s causing frustration.


the app I’m creating Its a cycle app for women to track their Cycles & help men understand what we go through as their partners

That’s a link to the glide builder. I can’t do anything with that. We can only view the link to the published version of the app.

I fixed what had meant to say