Move comments to the home screen

God, why do I have so many questions? In the chat section ( or comments), when a person writes something, their email and nickname are added to the main page. How to prevent this from happening. I tried to close the main page sheet, but it didn’t help. Help please!
bandicam 2020-04-15 13-44-11-601|237x500

I don’t think I understand what you are asking.

I think I understand his issue.

The Glideapps comment feature exposes private information about the commenter, depending on what’s on the spreadsheet.

I actually have a similar issue. The first row of my first sheet contains the firstName, lastName, and studentID of my students, by design. When I post a comment, Glide goes ahead an exposes all of that information as the commenter’s tag info. (If someone’s thinking of telling me to shift that row over, that’s not an option).

Suggestion: include an option that allows developers to choose what information is exposed about the commenter. Perhaps letting us choose what column is used would be a good idea.

So, does anyone have any ideas in the meantime on how to prevent Glide from exposing this private information?


I believe this is what is happening: