More diverse pricing plans and more

I wish Glide would consider more diverse pricing plans. I have a project that is very important to me that I don’t see me using more that 5,000 rows of data and can’t justify purchasing a pro plan at the current price point. Anyone else feel this way? I know what is being offered is amazing considering what it cost to make apps. I’m a 100% Glide fan!

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Yes we’re brainstorming plans for situations like this.

Are there other features besides more rows that you would want?

Tablet mode to be included and not a pro feature, in my mind its basic and should just be something that you get.

Search box option to only search a certain column in a sheet.

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This is my project. I’m not sure if this can be done already but if it is I haven’t figured it out.

I have multiple Sheriff’s from 1893 to present time and each sheriff has multiple deputies during each time period. Some sheriff’s were re-elected in different time periods and had some of the same deputies. Some deputies serve under multiple sheriff’s.

I had to create 5 different relation columns for both sheriff’s and deputies to display a list of deputies under each different sheriff and the same for each deputy.

I probably did it that hard way but I just could figure it out to make it more simple. Unless there’s another way and I just missed it.


Damn that’s cool!

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Thank you! I hope to have it on display at our local museum and a touchscreen device for everyone to enjoy. This particular part of our local history has never been documented to this level.


There is!!! Change footer icons depending on the screen! Advanced filter functionality! extended personal account!

I would like to be able to pay for more map pins

Yes!! +1