Monetization and theme customization

Hi there, just wanted to ask 2 questions.

  1. Is there’s any method to monetize our apps? In app Ad campaigns for example. Since I couldn’t find any way to add in apps advertising yet.

  2. Can i add a header in my apps? For example like how facebook and instagram always have their apps name appear on top when you open their the apps. I think it’s important in order for people to remember your apps name.

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

  1. Probably not with an ad provider like you are probably thinking. The only thing I could think of would be to add affiliate links and to use a random number generator in the spreadsheet to rotate ads in the app.

  2. You could place an Image or Title component on each page that would contain your apps name and logo.

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Thanks for the respond! Is there anywhere I can refer on how to make text random text generator works in spreadsheet? Thank you!

If there’s any video on Youtube on how to make this can you please sgare me the link. thankss!

When I get some free time I’ll try to make an example for you. I don’t know much about affiliate links, or how they are supposed to work, but for getting links or images to rotate randomly, I was thinking of using RANDBETWEEN to generate a a random number between 1 and 10. Then use that value in a large IF statement or use a VLOOKUP to select from a list of links/images. After that is set up, then you can set the spreadsheet settings to update every minute and it should change the ad in the app every minute.

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  1. Is there’s any method to monetize our apps?

Yes, there are multiple ways to make money from the apps you build in glide.

  1. Add the stripe component to your digital content, so users can purchase an item or like in my case Donations for church.

  2. Using clickable links with your affiliate ID, so when your users click on your affiliate link through your app you will get the credit.

  3. Build apps for people.

  4. Fix apps for people

  5. Can i add a header in my apps?
    Yes you can add a header in your app to be displayed at all times. There are multiple ways to do this now but after you build your app, come back to the community and request help for it and someone will give you a way how…

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@Lighted_Candle You forgot.

  1. Build an app that people will want to come back to because it’s awesome!
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I put a Randomize/Advertising section in but there seems to be some quirks that I haven’t figured out yet. I have 10 links and 10 images in one sheet. In another sheet I generate a random number and use it to select the corresponding link and image from the other sheet.

The first quirk is that my spreadsheet settings keep reverting to update every hour instead of every minute. This seems to happen after I reload the sheet in the app builder.

The second quirk (possible bug) is that I can see the random number update and the links update in the sheet do to the random number generator, but it will not update in the app unless I physically make another change to the sheet or an update to a field in the app. Even reloading the sheet in the app builder will not pull the updated data. Something has to change elsewhere in the spreadsheet for the randomly generated data to pull into Glide. Not sure I’m explaining it clearly, but it’s weird and I’m not sure I’m quite understanding the pattern.

So far this isn’t working like I hoped it would, but if you had data changing elsewhere in your sheet on a regular basis, this might work fine. This is where I imagined using affiliate links, but you would have to explore how affiliate links work.

Don’t use random generator, instead use now() or time functions

Create a timstamp column and Create a conditional column that decided a show/ hide text result based on now() and it’s relationship to the timestamp column. and then use the glide filter to show the one’s that says show.
If timestamp column-now()=2,“show”,“hide”

I use this now to display a specific page based on what day of the week it is. Mine looks something like
If weekday column = today column then “show” otherwise “hide”.

Instead of using random generator which needs a trigger only use the clock in a creative way to generate some semblance of randomness. Clock doesn’t need triggers or data to be added for it to update. Also make sure your glide email is the owner of the spreadsheet and not just an editor when you adjust spreadsheet settings for recalculation .


I thought now, today, rand and randbetween were the 4 vulnerable functions that depended on the calculation settings in the sheet and were triggered by updates as week as time. I’m seeing the values change by themselves in the sheet every minute, but link 5 in the sheet doesn’t show link 5 in the app until I make some other change. I’ll try building something using now() when I get a chance. I did try putting now() in it’s own column in the sheet to use as an additional trigger, but even though that was updating as well, it wasn’t enough to pull the updated links into glide (even with reload sheet).

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The time function is the only function in Google that changes on it’s own without user input.
It’s the only formula u need.

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I still have the problem of setting my sheet to calculate every minute. It never sticks and resets to hourly once I reload the sheet in glide, so I waited out the hour between auto calculations to see what would happen.

I created a formula to get a number based on time. =round(text(now(), "SS")/60*100/10,0) Although it’s not a true random number…I use that number in an Index to get a specific link from another sheet. With that change, I still get the same results as I did with the RandBetween function. I can see the values changing in the sheet, but it will not update in the app, no matter how many times I click on Reload Sheet. I even went further to hide or show a link in the sheet based on a specific range of random or time generated values in an IF statement. The only time the updated links are reflected in the app is when I make an actual change elsewhere within the sheet. I assume the change elsewhere triggers the change flag at Glide. Possibly if there is no change, then Glide doesn’t update it’s copy.

Random number generators are many times still based on time as one of the seed values for generation and I can see it updating based on the sheets auto calculation settings. It just doesn’t translate to the app. Maybe it updates on a larger timeline, like over several hours or every day, but I’m not seeing a feasible solution to using random or time based control values for a rapid value change. I’m sure scripting would be the definitive way around this. I do have a couple of apps with calendars that hide expired dates from view. One app has daily updates to the data. The other app has data updates maybe every few weeks, so I know now() based formulas are updated within Glide at some point, but I don’t know how or when. If somebody wants to make a copy of have at it. The tabs are in the menu. Short of scripting and using affiliate links, I don’t know of good way to handle advertising within the app.

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Solution offered, topic archived.