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Hello, Does anyone currently have any sponsors for their apps? If so, can you please share how you went about promoting your sponsor(s) in the app? In short, I am hoping to get some sponsors and looking for ideas on how that could work within the Glide structure. Thanking you in advance for any thoughts / ideas anyone is willing to share.


Hello, Scott! Welcome to our community!

Can you explain a bit more what you want exactly?

Thanks Lucas. I created an app and wanted to see if I could get any sponsors or advertisers. Before approaching any potential sponsors / advertisers, I need to know if there is even a way to list a sponsor / advertiser and what that might look like. In short, wondering if anyone else has any sponsors or advertisers and, if so, how did they incorporate this into their app. From my experience-to-date, I know that I could add an “Sponsor” tab where I could have a link to each of the sponsors web-pages but wondering if anyone out there has done anything different to incorporate sponsors advertising. If anyone out there has done anything different to incorporate sponsors advertising. Here is a link to my app if that helps. I just added a “Sponsor” tab to show what that could look like. Thanking you in advance for any suggestions / idea on how to incorporate advertising / sponsors.

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Great question Scott, thank you, look forward to ideas that get posted.


A simple “advertise your campsite with us only xxxxx for x months” you get the idea.

Let them manage their own listings in your site.

Good luck :crossed_fingers: with your venture

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Thank you for the suggestion … but it is not an app where people advertise their campsites that they want others to visit. It is a place for people to provide reviews / ratings on individual campsites in (mostly) government owned parks. The prospective sponsors would be most likely be suppliers of camping-related equipment.

If they are advertising did you want them to pay you per click or just a flat fee? Either way this can be done in Glide similar to banner ads.

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I don’t want the users to have to pay at all. It is a platform where users share information (that will benefit each other). So in a way, the users are “paying” by providing information that is useful to others. I want outside 3rd parties to sponsor the app so I can 1. Cover my subscription cost and hopefully 2. Make a little extra money to fund my own camping :wink:


Hi Scott,

So, let me try to understand this UX:

You want this app to be a “scouting/planning” tool for campers pre-trip? keyword=pre-trip

So they use your app to scope out the sites they want to camp at…

…as well as be able to search/find/purchase camping-related products directly within your app?

Interesting concept. :thinking:

Solution: Get users. Hit up camping brands. Create affiliate advertising space in-app. Go camping! :camping:

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The main objective is so people can plan backcountry camping trips by seeing which campsites had good ratings by other (and similarly they can provide their own reviews). Most of the sites don’t have descriptions so it’s not as if I can charge $ to people who are providing the reviews out of the goodness of their heart. The value will be completely dependent on how widely it is adopted (i.e. review contributions). I don’t necessarily want it to be a platform for purchasing products … but willing to add some links to external vendor websites for a fee.

Gotcha! Fun trumps monetization here for sure!

An app for campers that provides an index of resources local to each camp site might also have some merit.

If you can provide a “pre/during/post” packaged app - I think it could be a winner!

Good luck with the build and keep us posted on your progress! There are many supportive people in this community able and willing to help.

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One way to do it is to have certain ad spots in your app which sponsors or advertisers can display their banners, images, etc, They would pay per month or for a set of months to have their brand promoted.

For example, you can have like two to three spots on the homepage, of course, these will cost more, not sure how your app is laid out, but pick a few other spots that have a good amount on eyes on them and offer those as ad spots as well.

Either they give you the graphics or you create it (extra fee). You would then upload them as images, add a CTA, with a link behind them. You can track the clicks as well.

Since this would be displayed throughout the app you can create one sheet which has all the ads, and descriptive info then create a relation on each tab’s sheet back to this sheet. That part I’m not to verse in, but I believe that’s how you would display them.


Thanks Jen, this sounds interesting / plausible. If you know how / where I go to see “click” stats in Glide, I’d love to hear more about it. If not, I’ll leave it at that and perhaps post another inquiry on another day for that one :wink:

You can configure an increment action on your Ads sheet so that whenever a user clicks on the image, there would be an additional increment to the Clicks column before an open link action.


Thanks Thinh / Jen … I was reading another post where I discovered the “multiple actions” option which would allow me both direct the user to an external web-page (via a link) and increment the click count for that action. It won’t capture number of unique user clicks but I think this is a good starting point. Thanks for your input!


Yup! Like Thinh mentioned, first create a new column to count your clicks on the ads sheet. For the action of each ad, click ‘create a new action’. This is where you set up the multiple actions. For each ‘open link’ action, add an increment of 1 to that. The number of clicks will display in the sheet.

I have something like that set up already when someone clicks to view details.


I am in the prototype stage for an app that will be a resource directory - it will be monetized in part with “featured” listings that show up above the other listings. This might be helpful for your application.


To capture unique user clicks, you can set up an additional user-specific column, it’s also a number but would only store the data for the signed-in user.

When the “Signed-in click” doesn’t equal 1, increase both the Global click and Signed-in click, otherwise don’t increase anything (or just increase the Signed-in click if you want to display it somewhere).


Thank you so much for your help Jen, Thinh and Kabookie! I’ve learned a lot today :smiley:!


Hi all, I’m also exploring different monetization models and adtech was one area I’ve been looking at. The whole industry is very complex, confusing yet very exciting at the same time, on one hand, you need TONS of traffic of thousands if not millions of visitors for programmatic CPM (1000 visitors) for anything decent but sponsorships with the right strategic partners may yield better results if there’s more engagement with the core audience (I’m thinking but could be wrong)

Here’s an upcoming free conference if anybody else is interested in this. You can hear directly from the brands themselves along with creative agencies so just sharing: