Studying Freemium Business Model for purpose- & value-driven Glide app. NO ADS

Hi. Unsure to ask you this. Before I ask elsewhere. But since my app is on Glide, maybe so has already considered or can suggest sth.

I want my Glide app to be a Freemium whatever happens. And No unwanted ads whatsoever. Only if the user decides freely if he/she can get a profit out of it (like premium access, discount, free stuffs, etc.)

Business Model: Freemium, Service, Audience, Business-oriented/specific.
And… “Purpose + Value-driven” (yeah, that does not really exist, but there are purpose-driven companies, so there can be purpose-driven products, makes sense?).

The 3 values I consider are: Time, Skills, Reputation.

It’s like this Community: if you convert the time spent by experts to reply to posts in average fee/hour/day, it’s a paramount amount of money that is saved and so earned in a way. If I try to express from investors POV. The value is genuine.

How would you convince sponsors with a Freemium? How to answer to their principal concern: “How will I make money?”
How could I value my proposition?

Thks for any suggestions.
Even my project mentor (I’m a student Product Manager in her pre-final projects) has no clue.

With YouTube, you can publish free videos and YouTube pays you if you’re successful.

But with apps, you are not “rewarded” by downloads, views, user counts, etc.

Especially if Glide apps are PWA.

Is your question “How to monetize an app” or “How to monetize a website”?

I’d Google it! To get ideas flowing. I don’t think your question is specific to Glide, it’s a general monetization problem, it’s been solved. Add “freemium” or “no ads” or “strategies 2021” as need be.

Probably too general for you and the post is getting old, but here was a list of general ideas on how to monetize Glide expertise.


Thks, Nathanaël :slightly_smiling_face: Yes I googled and re-googled. And I think I got at least sufficient ideas to satisfy the jury (yeah, you know, in France, it’s “pass your exam and diplomas define you”.
Yes, it’s about how to “monetize” a free mobile app, a PWA more precisely, since Glide remains the platform for me. Not a web site.

  1. inspired by mobile games: suggesting user to view a video in exchange of a bonus (benefits the sponsor, the user, my app, and me. With 0 cost for me. Opportunity for the freewilling user and Potential prospect for the sponsor). It’s different from an ad, as it’s not invasive. And I never collect emails.

  2. I’m an instructor, I can include in the plan a Youtube Channel with Best Practices on Glide in French (there are not many yet), based on my future templates. If I’m good enough (and I used to have my reputation as an Instructor), Youtube will be a money source, to cover the costs. So I find my source outside the direct scope of my free app.

  3. When I’ll have time to be more fluent in Glide and gain accurate expertise (2022), I can propose educational knowledge management templates. Adaptable to many businesses. Not exactly a source. But a Visibility.

Et voilà ! Until the projet becomes real, I still have time to think over more concrete Business Model. In the meantime, I can defend this.

Sometimes you just need to ask the question to find some clues till the answer.s.
“Mirror principle”.
Attached, one of my WIP Pitch Deck (as you can read French).

What say you?

There are a few ways that you can convince sponsors with Freemium model. You can explain how the Freemium model can help to increase their audience reach.

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Thks, @KianaPierce :slightly_smiling_face: that’s the spirit. I call the business model “Sleeping Dragon”.