Mobile view blurry in editor

In the editor, has anyone else noticed a blurry view when viewing in mobile format, but crystal clear in large format?

It has been like that for weeks.

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How bad is it? Can you share a screen shot?

It’s quite subtle, can’t really see on a screenshot. It just doesn’t feel as crisp - there’s a slight haze to it.

I wiped down my monitor to see if it was that but it isn’t :sweat_smile:

Someone please tell me I’m not going crazy

yeah, I can kind of see what you mean. Although I’ve not noticed it. Dunno… :man_shrugging:

If I were to guess, I think Glide has to do some weird scaling to get everything to fit on the builder screen, so clarity probably takes a hit. I guess you could try adjusting your browser zoom to see if that makes a difference, but other than that, I don’t know.

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:slight_smile: haklısın. ben de farkettim onu.

Your screen doesn’t have enough pixels to show the unscaled mobile view, so Glide scales it down a little bit.

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