Mobile preview for Pages - App to Pages?

I built a Glide App and the next stage is a web application with will require Salesforce integration. I have looked at other builders with tighter integration with Salesforce since most the Glide App’s logic doesn’t migrate to a Glide Pages so I have to start from scratch anyways.

Is their anyway to move an App to Pages and see what it looks like as a ‘Mobile’ Pages. Pretty sure the answer is no…but wondered if this is a goal (short, mid, long-term) for Glide to ease future migrations to Pages for all the Glide Apps created.


Right now you can’t create a fully converted Page version from an App.

However, you can use the ‘Create Page from App data’ option, which will preserve all of your computed columns. The only things you would have to rebuild are the screen layouts and any actions.

Also, you can preview a Page in a mobile layout in addition to a desktop layout.

I’m not sure if that’s exactly what you are asking, but that’s what’s available for now.

Are you aware that Glide will be adding a bunch of external integrations this year?
I could imagine that a Salesforce connector would be a good candidate for that.

Catching up I did see that…but no details.

Actually my other option was using AirTable which does have a tight integration with HubSpot and Salesforce and then use that as the integration point with Glide.

But that introduced more costs, design/engineering and support complexity versus builders with direct integration.

That decision is coming up in a few months so hopefully more insights.

The annoying part of this is…as I bet you can guess…is actions.

Put a lot of logic in actions (but also moved a lot to columns thanks to yours and @Darren_Murphy’s advice)

With all the ChatGPT excitement I just need an AI to map my App to a Page.

Also - an AI/tool to take my WIX web-site and turn it into a Pages build…just sayin!

Life is all about trade-offs.

Hehe, yeah, it’s never simple. If I were to guess, I would say that Glide might provide a full conversion tool in the future. At least something that would require minimal cleanup. Would probably be towards the end of the year if anything. Don’t hold me to that though.

I’m not jumping at the bit to convert anything just yet, but I may start to consider rebuilding my project as a Page later this year just because. Might be good to go through everything and clean some stuff up, or make things more efficient. I’m still waiting on a couple of things before I go down that path.