Missing share link popup menu

Hi team, I can not find share link popup menu when long press on LINK component. however it was displayed before, as below image. but now it is not popup. Please help for this.

I had used below link components for my app, highlighted by yellow color.

Are you on iOS15?

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No, not working for all phones and operating systems. even Android Oreo 8.0.0 / or newer and iOS 11 or newer. my registered users informed me about this issue. Please help this, my app is pro one.

@SantiagoPerez can you have a look at this one? Thank you!

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Can you share the app??

@SantiagoPerez This is the app link

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@SantiagoPerez What is the reason behind this? my side I never change anything on app (customize area), I changed only data in google sheet from time to time. help for this.

@ThinhDinh Please help for this…

Hey @Roshan_Abrew

Sorry for not replying earlier. I have never long pressed the link component. So I have to investigate. If this is something that was changed intentionally or just something that some phones allowed to do.

Have you tried the share link action??? Is that what you need ?

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@SantiagoPerez Ok thank you, investigate and let me know.
In customize area in glide app, I used link component and selected data field path correctly from my google sheet. please see below image. I have over 1000 registered users, they are using various phone, tab, laptops devices. previously they had shared data by using link component when long press on it.

I can not find share link popup menu when long press on LINK component. previously it was popup as below image.

What is share link action? where is it? Can you teach me how to add it? I can see properties of LINK component as below image, but not showing share link action method.

“Long press” I mean “by touching little time on the link”


The share link is in the action part of the component. Here’s some information about it. It was recently renamed to Share link.


@SantiagoPerez Thank u, it was done and success, it was different method than LINK component. However investigate about the LINK component issue, and let me know. I have used more that method for my app.

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