Missing column

In a choice component, one of the sheet’s columns isn’t found by glide (check “Organic formulation” below):

If I create a second “Organic formulation” column, it shows us as a duplicate column (with the x), even though the first one isn’t listed. If I delete of of the two columns, it doesn’t show up again.

hummm… now both are showing up and the column “Formula layer” is missing…

so, what happens is if the column has the same name as the options column, it disappears from the dropdown menu.

Would you mind sharing that app, please?


You’re right, that’s a bug. Thank you for reporting!

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Actually no, I thought I saw it, but I can’t reproduce this. Could you tell me exactly how to reproduce this in your app, please? Maybe send a video?

Note: If the “Options sheet” is the same as the sheet that’s edited in the screen, then you won’t be able to pick the same column. That is by design, because it allows weird things to happen.

here it goes: https://dl.airtable.com/.attachments/0bd06590388217fbf5626d9c1865804d/fd909407/column.mov

if i change the name of one of the columns, it works.

A fix is under way. Thanks again!

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