Miss new announcement from Glide team

Miss new announcement from Glide team

Let’s them take a rest during this holiday season, they will be back then with lot of features!

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We’re preparing to release quite a few features and bug fixes next week, and you can try to discover what they are ahead of time on https://staging.heyglide.com

We’re also working on some larger long-term improvements that take longer to bake.


Gravity / faces for tiles, love it! :+1:t2:

‘User specific data’

I see it but not what it does?

User-specific data is a column for which each user has their own data. This is not close to shipping, unfortunately, because there are still fundamental things missing for it to work well.

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Sign out! :+1:

Requires the Menu, which requires at least one tab in it.
Maybe a tick box on Privacy enabling/forcing Sign Out availability, which forces the Menu if no tabs in it?

I guess that when using tiles with images containing human faces, it will allow to either center the image, either ce ter the image on the part of the image containing a human face. I tried kickly using the employees template app, but does not seem to work. I have to test further using my images.