Minues (-) and Plus (+) Button

Hi, after spending so much time and exploring some extra button, i didn’t find minus and plus button.

Is there possibility to give “-” & “+” button instead of filling form to choose quantity of a product then add to cart in glide? otherwise i have to move to another app builder and i don’t want my customer to jump on page by page and irritate them click on back again and again.

I want user friendly app. Looking for a quick help.

No, unfortunately there isn’t an option like that at this time. The closest option would be to use a button with a zapier action to possibly update a row. I’ve never tried it, so I’m not sure if it would work. There would also be a delay in waiting for zapier to update the sheet, then the delay for the sheet to update glide.

What would be the soultion from Zapier?

Also, i am really disappointed with Glide when other competitors like Adalo has far better option than Glide but i prefer to use Glide because of easy to use.

Is there any roadmap to add this kind of featuer which is very important for shopping?
Unfortunetly, i may have to leave Glide in this case.

hola @Gaurav_Sharma

do you mean anything like this? image

On PCs this feature is available but on phones isn’t. I’m still wondering why?

I’ve only dabbled with Zapier briefly. I don’t use it much. I assume you could maybe create a zap that takes input from the glide zap button and, with the right parameters passed, possibly updates a row in the sheet by adding or subtracting.

You can add and lookup feature requests here: https://features.staging.glideapp.io/. There is no public roadmap as I’m sure it changes frequently based on demand for the hundreds of other feature requests.

No, i am not referring this.

Please see my screenshot below. This is very common feature for customer to choose number of qunatity and add product in cart.

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