Migrating from Google Sheets - how to create and sort a unique list in Glide Tables

I’m wanting to migrate an app from Google Sheets to purely Glide Tables, but I’m not sure how to replicate some features.

I have a dashboard that managers are able to click in and view weekly reports submitted by their staff. They see a list of Mondays that represent each week:

In Google Sheets I have Sheet #1 that is a log of submitted weekly reports and then in Sheet #2 I use =sort(unique('Weekly Reflections'!E2:E),1,false) to find each unique Monday and then sort them in descending order. I then use that column to create Relations & Lookups, generate some stats, etc.

It’s rather simple and straightforward in Google Sheets but I haven’t the slightest clue now to reproduce this purely via Glide Tables.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

What would happen if nobody submits in a week? Would it show up as a row with 0 Submissions, or doesn’t show up at all?

I would expect it to show up, and in that case, I would have a helper table where you:

  • Add as many rows in advance as you need, say 100 rows for example.
  • Add a rowID column.
  • Use a lookup column, targeting the full rowID column that you have just added.
  • Use a “Find Element Index” column, pointing to the array of rowIDs, and find the rowID of the current row. This would give you an index column starting from 0 and ending at 99.
  • In another table, I would usually use a Choices table for this, add a “Date Start” column and add the first Monday in your database to the first row of that column.
  • Back to the helper table, use a single value column, target the Choices table, bring over the first value from that “Date Start” column.
  • Add a math column: DS + I*7 with DS being the Date Start, I being the index.

You would have a list of dates on Monday, ranging from index 0 to 99 with each one 7 days after the previous.


Via my method in Google Sheets if nobody submits in a week it wouldn’t show up at all, because the formula only finds the unique dates amongst the submissions, so naturally what isn’t submitted won’t be found.

You still can use my method and hide the weeks where there are no submissions.

Thanks for your help, ThinhDinh! I appreciate you taking the time and promptly supplying a solution!

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My honor to help!

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