Unique Function via Glide Table


Is there a way to achieve the same results of using the UNIQUE function as if I was using it in google sheet. I know how to use the Unique function in google sheets but I prefer to build the whole tab as a Glide table rather than a new tab in google sheet. In the new tab, I need to populate all the unique users from my registration tab. So if I had done it in the google sheet, I would have used the Unique formula. I wonder how to do it in Glide table.

Thanks for any advice!


I don’t think there’s a way as of now. Also wonder if anyone has achieved this.

Just trying to understand your app a little more. How is the registration tab filled? Why would it contain duplicate users? If you are using the User Profiles feature in your app, then all user’s in that sheet should already be unique because Glide will only add a new row for a user when they sign in for the first time.

That’s correct.
It’s just that my app is huge and I am trying to breakdown things to different tabs.
In this specific use case I am trying to build a chat tab where each user can speak with his coach. It’s a 1:1 relation between the user and the coach so I just need to create 1 line for each unique user and assign the coach to enable the 1:1 chat.

Again, I can easily do it in google sheet. I just prefer to do it as a Glide table (less tabs to manage and keep monitoring in google sheet).