Merging Relation columns

I would like to create a third column made of the results of two relations columns but this seems impossible through the make array function…

Do you have any idea how I could do ?

Relations only create links to entire rows in the other table. If you need a specific value from that relation, then you also need Lookup columns to return an array of values from a specific column in those related rows.


Once you use lookups like Jeff said, you can use an “Append Array” column to join the two arrays. But beware of the case when the “first array” in your setup is empty, you may get a result of empty although your second array contains items.


I find the “make array” column to be faster, no?


Ah that’s a good catch. Using “Make Array” would also solve the problem of “first array being empty”. Thanks for the tip.

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My pleasure entirely!

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Thanks a lot for your replies !
It helps a little but still I am having troubles reaching my end goal :smiling_face_with_tear:

To give a bit of context :

I have 2 types of spendings with different categories associated (Housing, Meals, Activities …).
My end goal is to have a radial chart that gives me, filtering per month, the repartition of those spendings per categories.

I managed thanks to your tutorial Robert to make a filter on one type of spending from a table called “bills” and have this outcome which is already great :

Now I would like to add to this same chart the spendings from my table called “Incompressibles” (sorry for the French :face_with_peeking_eye:).

Since it has the same structure as the “bills” table I thought merging two relations columns could help me however the Make Array solution does not allow to “keep the information” such as the category in a label.

I have the feeling my only solution would be to manage putting the “Incompressibles” table in the same one as the “Bills” table to finally have one relation only…

Quick Update : I indeed merged the two tables into one (and added one column to mark the type of spending rather than having two tables is actually better).

My last problem is that it seems not all categories are shown in the radial chart (8 displayed when I have 11 in total).
Is there a limit in the labels displayed in charts ?

FOUND IT ! It was actually in the page size that I had to go beyond 24


Great to hear it worked.

This is an important move for you. When you have data that follows the same structure, doing it this way is good practice.

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