🖥 Menu in Desktop/Tablet view with Group by

Hey :wave:t3:

I’ve been showing some screens of this app, but Desktop and Tablet view are little explored.

Here’s an simple example of how I achieve this gorgeous Menu separately.

Menu Names & Icons

Layout screen: List image

  • Created IDs for my Menu, using it instead of the Names.
  • Using a single relation, and some lookups, I took User Avatar &Name
  • Created a If Then Else column to set user’s Avatar & Name when IDs is equals to 0 (zero)



Grouping by Blank spaces
  • Created a IFE column where ID is equals to 0 (user profile) then “Welcome”
    • IDs is is equals to 5 then 1 keyboard space
    • IDs is is equals to 4 then 1 keyboard space
    • IDs else is equals to 2 keyboard spaces

:sparkles: Final Result

:pushpin: Btw, I’m in love with this view :heart_eyes:


Oh. Common… we all waiting for fireworks on the left panel… :wink:


Well, yes… but that’s a showcase :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


And also, would be great to have a right panel or at least move bottom tabs menu on the right vertically… is there any CSS for that?

This is EXTRACLOUDINARY :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

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Yes, it should. Never tried, but might be a little complex and not safe to do something like this with CSS


Looks awesome :ok_hand:

Please try!

If I wanted to have a menu on the right hand side of the screen, I’d probably just use some stacked floating buttons.


The whole idea of having bottom menu on the side is to make main window longer, plus it will fill up desktop screen better. The view we having now is not good!

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