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Once suppliers have a VIP plan, they can sign in and look in this irresistible Dashboard :grin:

:desktop_computer: Desktop / Table view

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Hi @Lucas_Pires, I noticed you use the rounded block under the title line quite a bit. It looks really nice! Is that some fairly straightforward CSS?


Yeah! Im not on pc right now. When I get it, I send it here

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Put it all together in a rich text.

<a style="position: absolute; width:100%; top: 125px; right: 0%; z-index:-1; opacity: 1;" target="_blank">
<div style="background-color: white;  padding-bottom: 40vh; border-top-left-radius:30px; border-top-right-radius:30px; background-origin: content-box;"></div>
/*-----White rounded border bg -------*/
<a style="position: absolute; width:100%; top:-120px; right: 0%; z-index:-2; opacity: 1;">
<div style="background-color: #121212; margin: 0%; padding-bottom:330px;">
[data-test="glide-app-bar"] >* {
    backdrop-filter: blur(0px);
    background: transparent; 
    -webkit-backdrop-filter: blur(0px);
}/*----- hide nav bar ------*/

You can move it changing top and padding-bottom :grin:

Edit¹: I added the dark background in the code too.


Brilliant, you always amaze me, you are so creative :+1:

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Oh man, you’re so kind! I’m always learning wiht y’all
Thanks you Jason! :relaxed:


Awesome, thanks man!

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Brilliant :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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That’s wonderful Lucas.
I always wanted to ask you, how do you use page nevigation for inline list. Like you use it here in Dashboard, Clients etc.

Can you please help?

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Hey, Pratik! Thank so much!

Well, in this cases of menu - when we have different pages to open - I prefer creating like an ID column, where I place numbers to it, and create a new action directing where I go when I click based in this column.


Benefits to do it:

  • If I change one of the names, doesn’t break my logic.
  • If I add a new category/menu item between those, I can simply change the ID number in the action.

As I always say, you guys are genius. Thank you for this. I will try this and will let you know, if I am stuck anywhere doing this.

May I ask one more question? From where do you get those icons?


Thanks bro! :grin: I’m always learning here too


Thank you bhai


:sparkles: Update - Supplier App :construction_worker_man:

Live PRO app • #AppsForWork

:wave: Welcome / Sign in

Validates only if the supplier is already registered in the app

:rocket: Dashboard

:busts_in_silhouette: Referred Clients

:shopping: Sales History

:gear: Settings

:loudspeaker: Ads

:iphone: Mobile View


Beauty :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

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Thank you Wiz(ard) :fire:

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Flaticon has some great artwork. I had a subscription but you can get a lot free if you are patient.

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For sure! I use it free too