What's the easiest way to change my bg color on larger viewports?

See below. Lots of gray background.

Can I change it without custom CSS?

I’d also like the hamburger menu to be left-aligned with my content area vs hidden away in the far left corner.

No, you can’t. I think I saw people trying to put a background on desktops before, but your image must be well constructed so it does not look weird.

This will require coding for both the hamburger icon and the flyout, I think it’s too risky to touch that part. You would also have to do that for all details screen, so it’s not easy.

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you can do that in the pro app, using an inline list to fill up the left panel, or use a few simple CSS tricks to create a 3-panel desktop view like you can see in Code BOOK

Hi Uzo, I didn’t find this part. Would you please include the deep link?

to see this screen you have to open code book on your desktop, I have mobile detection YC column there that will change the view according to your device, I am using the same trick for my Template Market

I am on the desktop. I mean how do you make the app layout into three panels

what I do is to CSS the center panel margins for n components, then separately for left and right panel

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I am got it. Thank you

div[id*='screenScrollView'] > div > :nth-of-type(-n+10){ 
position: relative;
top: -6vh;

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C’mon @ThinhDinh there is always a solution:


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