Menu idea for apps

I’ve been using Glide for about 2 weeks and I don’t think I’ve seen it used this way.

The menu was created as a whole image in Photoshop then chopped up into several files. Each file is an option and non-option for the menu.

In Glide:
I hid all the tabs except for the tab where the menu resides. By doing this I was able to get rid of the tabs at the bottom giving the app more real estate to display the menu.
I created an About tab and placed it under the Menu tab to get rid of the information menu. It’s also a good place for an About and/or Help option(s).
I also removed the label for the menu tab.

In Google Sheets:
The images for the menu are on the first sheet. I also named it with a space so its name won’t show up in the app. There’s a transparent .png calld padding.png that could be used to bring the whole menu down or used in between the other images to create some kind of separation effect.

There’s even an Easter Egg. See if you can find it before looking at the source code. Hope this will inspire others.


@Carlos This is awesome! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:!

Found the egg… :slightly_smiling_face:Screenshot_20190929-071221|294x500

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Haha! Great job!

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Very creative and new idea. Love it @Carlos, fine job.

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Greate, would it be possible get a copy of app and sheet?

@Ralf, I forgot to allow anyone to copy it. I’ve just enabled it.

Here’s an archive with the .psd and font I used.

It’s magic, thank you!

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I don’t have PhotoShop to see the psd.
Can someone please record a video on how it looks like and how it’s done? Thanks a lot in advance!! :slightly_smiling_face:

@B_Y, will let you open and edit .psd files.

Oh great! Thanks a lot @Carlos! :blush::+1:

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Hi Carlos,

I am trying to implement parts of your ideas in my own app.

I do not understand the Menu Tab. I would like to add more items under About.



Very clever, Carlos!

This is the first app I’ve seen with a “hamburger” menu button. I was not aware of this and can’t seem to find it anywhere in the build interface. Could you please explain how you did this/point me toward the resource you followed?



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This is a really good tip! The old slicing method (table layouts, who remember…:exploding_head:) meets nocode…

Just use svg and graphics should scale nicely without blurring.

@Mark @JackVaughan images (at least in listing views) are sometimes blurry when looked on phone’s higher res screen. Does there happen something in background which make uploaded images too low resolution? Or what would be best image sizes to use?

1 Like, you can find more info about it on the link below:

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Just keep adding the tabs you want to show under the hamburger menu. Skip to time 0:28 on the video below and you will see how to do it.

Hope this is what you meant.

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Thanks for the suggestion about svg images. I will definitely give it a try as I did notice the images I used are a bit blurry.

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I was inspired by your creativity. Thank you for sharing.

*I also found the egg :wink:

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Thanks for the feedback.

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Thank you, Carlos!

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