Menu burger icon not showing

Hey guys ,

The menu icon doesnt show for me when using the light accent style.

I guess. this should be the same as the accent colour if light option is chosen.


It’s working for me. Are you sure that it works on dark mode but not in light mode? Can you share a link for us to test?

How do I access your record? This is what I see.

That looks like the desktop version , it is only on the mobile page that has the issue

Ah, I thought you were sending a link to a record of the bug. My screenshot was from a test app.

If you scroll down a bit on your mobile, do you see the icon appear?

Ahhh my bad!

You can see here its working fine on the other settings

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It does show on the screen that has scroll but the static home page has no scroll and it cant be seen as shown above

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I would classify that as a bug. Please submit a ticket if you’re on Pro or above.

Unfortunately im still on Starter plan so that option is not available.