Math column doesn't add a lookup column

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I’ve tried to implement a math formula which adds the current value plus the previous total through a relation, but there seems to be a bug and the math column doesn’t add the previous value.

(I’ve reported this in this post, but its thread isn’t categorized as Bugs)

Could be the fact that it’s a lookup column. You might have to convert it to a numeric column by adding a Math column just to convert the one column. Then point your original math column to that new math column.

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Thanks. I’ve already tried that with the same result

What’s the original column type of the “sum ant”?

It’s the math column itself with the previous item value.
I’m trying to do something like E7 = D7 + E6 or sum = value + sum


Is your relation simple or multiple?

This must be simple!

It’s simple

I see…

Just a fast test, write this as formula and tell us what you get:

item + ant*1



It works!