MatchSwapSell - Free temp on categories etc

If anyone is interested, here is free template on the following:

  1. How to create multiple primary, secondary, and third categories like you see on Argos ( , Walmart (, etc. I used Argos categories.
  2. How to go to the top at the click of a button.
  3. How to show number of clicks on every category and item screen
  4. How to match items and do an exchange by email or phone
  5. How to sell items when no match is found etc.

Thank you


Really good !
Idea: your card duplicate information on the Picture-Avatar and Title-Tag.
Maybe an opportunity to have either less or more info on each card ?
Well done.

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Yes :+1:

Also just add the stripe cart button and you have an online retail business like Argos.

Thank you :blush:

Well done. One of your best templates so far. Clean and practical!

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Really appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

Great! Cool feature to go to the top

The second tab I confess it’s a bit confusing for me, but I don’t know if it’s because I don’t know or understand the app’s proposal.

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Cool :sunglasses:

Tab 2 - so assuming you have uploaded your item X now (laptop). On the what I want choice component you look for an item you want - which could be a “settee” in exchange for your used laptop. If settee is available and some1 else has asked for a laptop in exchange for their setttee - match is found and you close the deal.

I have the settee and laptop example on the sheet. Try it.

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Got it.

Wasnt it better in this second choice appear only the available ones?

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It’s your template now. You do what you want with it. :innocent::innocent::innocent:

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Sure! Lol thanks!

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You still have to test my hotel app. Few days. I’m done rebuilding it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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For sure! Anxious for this :grin:

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I think I know why I didn’t go for only available ones for any of the choice components. The second part is “sell”.

So you now see a settee but the guy doesn’t want a laptop but a smart TV or failing that 10.00 for the settee. You want the settee and you don’t think your going to find a match. You have 10.00 in your account. So you purchase the item.

But maybe you don’t have 10.00 but you see others want a laptop for their items. You go for one of those other items or they might just make an offer to you to buy.

I think that was why I left the options wide open.