SwapMe Clothing app

We at https://lowcode.agency recently built a VERY complex app. Users can upload items from their closet, and other users can choose a specific item from another’s closet to swap it for one of their items.

There are a lot of conditions, since we need the same status from both users (either decline, change or accept), and depending on each user’s choice, we show/hide different components.

We also added a gamification component, where users are earning credits for adding items to their closets, swapping items, etc. We even implemented a referral system that gives credits to users when their code has been used by someone else!

For phase 2, we have a huge challenge, our client wants to integrate a shipping platform (USPS) to the back end. We’ll see how that works.

You can take a look at the live app here:


:heart_eyes: Beautiful!!!

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Can you delete my profile or give me an option to delete my profile? Thanks!

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Sure, I’ll delete it


Blood, sweat and tears on the way to finish this app :rofl:


You guys are amazing! The app is truly a Glide masterpiece! Great Work!


It’s our pleasure David, glad to see you in this community as well!

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podrias borrar mi perfil tambien si eres tan amable para no recibir los mails
te esta quedando estupenda.

Mr. Thin Churchill!! :grinning:


Excellent work! Added to my main screen.

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Mine as well

Beautiful app brother