Matching order numbers

I am looking to match the reference number generated by staff orders with an external supplier delivery note.

I have a column with a unique order reference number, this number then forms part of a template which is sent to a supplier as an email and used as part of the email subject.

When the order is both acknowledged and delivered i recieve an email for both which come into a separate tab on the spreadsheet. Is there a way i can match the reference numbers from both tabs order/delivery which then updates a cell value if match is found?

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When you receive the acknowledgment/delivered emails, do those rows in your sheet contain the unique order ID?
If so, you can click over to Data (⊞) when your app is opened from your dashboard and create two Relation columns from your orders table to look for matches on your related sheets. After relation columns are made, you can then use an IF/THEN column to determine if your relation columns are empty! This could act as your status label!


Thanks for this!