Creating Relation Columns


I’m trying to create an app that is basically a catalog of services provides by one person to several clients. The owner has different services categories and each category has its own deliverables. I’m trying to put together an admin panel where the owner can access his different clients and select the services a specific client has bought and also upload the related deliverables.

What I’ve done so far is:

  • on the users sheet I’m using the email as the key to create a relation among sheets.
  • a services sheet with a column for “service code”
  • deliverables sheet with a column for the related “service code” and also another one with “deliverable code”
  • service log sheet that stores the email of the user and also the services and services codes for each service bought by each user. Each service bought is activated by its own column with a boolean element and then another column translates that into the service code

Now what I’m missing is how to create a relation between service log sheet (and all the services bought by a client) and the service sheet so later I can create a deliverables log sheet . Any ideas?

Does this makes sense? Thanks!

Do you have any screenshots of your data? I’m guess you would need some sort of array list of selected services in the log sheet, then create a relation from that to the services sheet. Depending on how your data is structured, it should be easy to create that relation.

Try using lookups on top of a relation between the service and deliverables sheet to bring the right info to Services sheet. Then you can use that in your form, I believe.

@ThinhDinh using the glide unique formula I was able to create the correct relation between services and deliverables! Thanks :slight_smile: