Match Keyword with an email address

Hello, my fellow Glide wizards. Here is what I am trying to accomplish maybe you can guide me in the right direction. When someone leaves a review I want to scan that review for a name and match it to an email address.

This way the feedback that comes in about a person is linked to them via an email address that’s related to that agent.

You do rely on the commenter to have said name in their comment, or not?

Yes. If they don’t say that name that matches the word nothing happens.

If “John” or “john” then match entry to agent email.

How about when you have, let’s say John Arnold and John Best on the agents list?

I would like to create this type of pattern.

“John” “john” is mapped to an email that I pick like . I would manually add rules for each agent.

We are only about 10 people who don’t have the same name.

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Let me work on this and get back to you later on this thread. Will you have more agents in the feature so that I can take into account the scaling problem?

Max 15-20 agent. Thanks buddy. Your insight on this would be amazing.

How about using a choice component to pick the person you’re going to mention. This takes away the potential of typos and makes creating the relations way simpler.

@shchc’s suggestion should work.

But, if for some reason, it doesn’t, you can use REGEXTRACT in your Google Sheets document, to extract the name of the user. Once the name is extracted, you can either create a lookup in Google Sheets or create a relation in Glide.

This would be easy to implement, but I want to cover the cases where users want to mention multiple names in one comment as well. I want to go @sardamit’s way of using REGEXEXTRACT and will tell @Gera_Yeremin if it works.

I got it working with an “If Then” Glide function. Its not really scale-able because I have to add the name manually but that is OK for now. Thanks for your help guys.

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