Sorting data by Person

Hello, my fellow Glide wizards,
I am working on a glide app and want to sort some data related to a person about the feedback they are getting.

I made a video explaining what I mean:

Thanks for all your help.

Hi Gera,

Related to what we discussed on another thread, I want to implement a REGEXEXTRACT solution to label your comments first to make the system more scalable. I am thinking of doing relations/row owner to solve your problem here, and I will take time to look at it later.

Is this the same sheet you shared to me the other day?

I am open to ideas. Yes its all in that same sheet. The feedback is in “Feedback”. “Reviews” is going to get filled from another source.

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I’ll take a look this weekend and get back to you.

Awesome! Thanks dude.

I think that has to do with user specific columns

Hi Gera,

Going back to this now.

I have created 2 columns inside your Feedbacks and Reviews sheet, which contains the following ARRAYFORMULA.


This will extract all the matching names with the data in your agent names column in the Agents sheet. You should see it work in your data now.

The thing you want: sorting data by person, can probably be done with a relation in the Agents sheet, matching all names in the Agents sheet to all the names in the Agent Find Test column I just created, return multiple matches and try to make a chart to see if it works.

Tell me if I can help more.

This is super helpful! How are you coming up with these formulas? Is there a good cookbook I can review?

Not really a cookbook, but you can start learning arrayformula from here.

The rest is just based on the situation, really. If you need me just send me a message.