Master Table Referencing

Hi I’m having what feels like an elementary issue using the calculated columns. I made a custom unique ID with a template column and can use it to query another table in one instance, but not in another. Attached is a visual of how the data is mapped.

Users define a project profile which fills multiple “component” tables with a rows of data. The user can then “submit” the project which adds a single row to the master table, including the unique ID. The unique ID is a reference for query columns in the master table to pull in the relevant rows from the component tables. I use a query instead of a relation since two qualifiers are needed: the project-specific unique ID and a category ID. The master table has no trouble relating to a single row in one table or querying multiple rows in another, but replicating the latter has proven challenging.

Thank you!

Any chance you have copied and pasted the values at some point in your flow? There’s a data editor bug in the past few weeks that would affect something like what you described.

I would suggest retyping “Item 1” and “Item 2” on your own in table 2 to see if it works.

Thank you! We were spinning our wheel on that one

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