Marketplace using stripe

there is a option of create a service and rental marketplaces similar to Airbnb, UrbanSitter, or Fiverr??

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I’m cooking something like but for Tattoos shop + Artists//…<>p

Hey @Orange.

This is quite a broad question. You could make something similar for sure. At the moment we don’t have user profiles in Glide Apps, but you can approximate it with per-user data.

It might be worth you watching this community spotlight with Ben Tossell where he talks us through how he built a clone of AirBnB.

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Hey Jack, thanks there is anytime soon profile option on glide?
About Stripe this is possibly to create 3way MkP?
Ben build something similar here:

First off, I don’t see any components such as forms in my view panel. Also, if you plan to charge any percentage of sales you need to consider that I might be selling $10k items so there is no way I’d pass on the same money as if I were selling T-shirts. You may need to set a maximum per item fee of say $25 or less. I have no idea what is good enough to keep your lights on but do try not to eliminate high ticket item apps right out of the gate.

the tutorial process is too fast and the picture isn’t clear and a lot of things jumped in the explanation so we failed to make the marketplace make SIGN UP / LOGIN and MENU we were confused and unsuccessful …

I have learned bubble but Mr.Ben not clear and detail to step explained and unclear video resolution. So I have failured and I dont use bubble again. I hope Glide has Aibnb or Fiverr or Amozon marketplace template …

How do you handle the payments? Is the MOST crucial part…

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I was thinking the same thing today. I haven’t yet tried to create a marketplace, but I wanted to do so now that we’re all stuck at home and small businesses are suffering. Is there a way to create a marketplace app that can SOMEHOW allow users to add to cart/buy from one of many stores within the app and route payment details to that users’ account?

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Yes, I want that! I, too, have wanted to do this for several months now, so it would be great if this could be achieved with Glide. If anyone else has been able to successfully create a marketplace app, please let us know. :pray:t2: