Marketplace using stripe

there is a option of create a service and rental marketplaces similar to Airbnb, UrbanSitter, or Fiverr??

I’m cooking something like but for Tattoos shop + Artists//…<>p

Hey @Orange.

This is quite a broad question. You could make something similar for sure. At the moment we don’t have user profiles in Glide Apps, but you can approximate it with per-user data.

It might be worth you watching this community spotlight with Ben Tossell where he talks us through how he built a clone of AirBnB.

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Hey Jack, thanks there is anytime soon profile option on glide?
About Stripe this is possibly to create 3way MkP?
Ben build something similar here:

First off, I don’t see any components such as forms in my view panel. Also, if you plan to charge any percentage of sales you need to consider that I might be selling $10k items so there is no way I’d pass on the same money as if I were selling T-shirts. You may need to set a maximum per item fee of say $25 or less. I have no idea what is good enough to keep your lights on but do try not to eliminate high ticket item apps right out of the gate.