Maps in Pages issues resolved yet?

Hey Gliders,

I would just to find out whether the issue with Maps in pages has been resolved yet. I have been having issues on my projects in pages related to Maps. When there is 1 pin, it seems to work okay but when I want to display multiple pins, it just won’t show and seems to default to San Francisco…
I have gone through the different threads looking for a similar issue reported by other Gliders but the attached thread was the only closest one I could find.


Unfortunately the thread is in Spanish (I think) and I don’t understand a word of it. Is there a setting where I can translate the thread to English or do I have to manually copy and paste in Google translate?

If you are using Chrome, you can right click on the page and click on Translate. I translate everything directly in the browser. I’m not multi-lingual, and I don’t ever copy and paste to some other translation service. :wink: Most browsers should be able to handle it.

Before translating:

After translating:


Any news on this @SantiagoPerez

¿Ya te contestaron?