GPS pin point not showing correctly on Mobile View Maps, it does shows on Destok View. Maybe a bug?


Has someone else encountered that the map shows correctly the GPS Coodinates pinpoints, but no on mobile view?

Check out both screenshoots, you can verify they were created at same time

Desktop View | ok

Mobile View | Not ok , does not load info

Any recommendations?

Is this a bug?

I haven’t experienced that issue myself, but there is a recent post with the same problem.

I would maybe suggest submitting a bug to Glide support.


Good Afternoon!

Yes I already reported it, it´s a bug on Android.

This was the answer from support team : "issue on Android, however, if you scroll the map, you are able to find the points.

We are aware of this issue and are currently working on a fix. We can’t give you a timeframe but it should be fixed soon."

Thanks for the follow up.

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I actually have an open ticket with support about this. Pins location is very inconsistent



I Tried again to test my app and the GPS map coordinates was working fine on the Android phone.

Did Glide Team fixed the bug?