Map issues

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I set up Maps on my splash page and it works great. It immediately showed me a zoomed-in accurate location but I wanted it to show from farther out.

However when I tried to select the Design option of Medium or Far it changed the map to some place called Herculaneum.

If I click on that placeholder it reverts to the correct map coordinates, but it’s strange to see the wrong info initially.

Edit / Tip: Rather than having multiple cells for the address ie, street, city, etc it’s best to put the whole thing into one cell so the mapping app doesn’t get confused by similar street locations around the globe.

So it’s not a bug, but a failure on our part, as users, to provide the right data in the right format.

This relates to earlier post. Wrong Map

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Thanks, looking into this

Say, I noticed you said you were able to change the default zoom level of the map on load. Where is the medium and far options for the map view…I don’t see it anywhere in the Properties panel? Thx

There aren’t actually any settings you can adjust once you add the map component. It only appears, for me at least, while you are adding the map. The only way to change it is to delete the one you have and add a new one with the zoom level where you want it.

I appreciate you getting back to me. OK, looks like we’re talking about two different things. I now see that option when adding a Map component—I misspoke earlier because I’d like to see this option for the map-style Layout option. Our Maricopa Healthy app has a Parks section with over 650 pins in a 30-mile radius and without being able to set the default zoom level, it’s just a sea of map pins. :slight_smile:

Even when you have a world view it still looks terrible.
And this is with just 15 pins.

What you could possibly do to force an expansion is set a dummy pin out far enough to get the visual appeal you are seeking. It might take more than one to get it centred. Does that make any sense?

Well it doesn’t to me either, after looking at your map. You are already zoomed out too much, with no way to adjust it, so that would make it even worse.

I understand what you mean, but we’re actually trying to get the default zoom level in to something like a 2- or 5-mile radius so only about 10-15 pins are displayed initially. This will allow the user to pan around or pinch zoom out to show more. I appreciate the input. Thx