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Hello. I have a question about the “map” function. On my new app I created, I can no longer set the default zoom! So by default, users end up with a map that’s too zoomed in! How can I adjust this setting (knowing that on another app I can set the zoom to “near, medium or far”).
Thanks a lot!

The only workaround I’m aware of is by placing a second pin on the map (Possibly current location). Doing so will force the map to zoom out accordingly.

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Thanks for your reply. But I can only place one address. How do you place points on the map?

You should be able to point the map component to a table, or a relation. Can you confirm this?

Sorry for the delay. I did link the map to a table.

So has your problem been solved?

No: I do have a point in the table on the map, but it’s too zoomed in. I don’t know how to add a second point as suggested.

If you are pointing the map component to a table, and that table had multiple rows with different addresses in the same column, then you should see multiple points of the map.

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Yes it works !I didn’t put in another row but in another line !
Thanks !

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