Map display questions

Hi Guys,

I would like to add the map component to my app but I have some questions…

  1. Can we use maps natively? a.k.a. with no updates generated

  2. What’s the relationship between the map component and the column type?
    Should I have a certain column type or can the map pull accurately from a text column?

  3. Can we restrict the map from pulling erroneous addresses? Many of the addresses in my databases are apparently similar to addresses in other countries so my map ends up looking crazy, lol. Can I force the map to only look within my country?

  4. Are there any up-to-date tutorials (for glide pages) for map generation/display tips and tricks?

Thanks in advance for your help!

The map component is just a type of collection that shows a map instead of a list, so no you don’t have to worry about additional updates.

Column type doesn’t matter. There are no column types that are specific to maps.

Mapbox is not always the greatest at accurately geocoding the pin the pin location from an address. You also can’t specify a certain area for the geocoding to focus on. Your best options are to either make sure the address is complete, or get the equivalent coordinates for that address and point the address parameter in the map component to the column with those coordinates.

Not that a I’m aware of. Not a lot of questions come up regarding the map component other than wishlist items or problems getting the pin to display in the correct location.


Ok. Thanks a lot Jeff. Even with a complete address, the map dropped pins all over the world… I guess I’ll do some extra work and secure coordinates instead.