Physical Address display

My club has always collected a members address in different columns like, Street, City, State and Zip.

Is there a best practice way to combine them app so I can show the members in a Map component?


You should be able to combine them in a template column, but beware of empty fields which may look the result look a bit wrong, and the pin on the map might not be 100% correct as a result.

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Your best practice for map accuracy is to include a geocode field and build the map on geocodes rather than addresses.

To combine the different address, city, state, zip fields definitely go with @ThinhDinh suggesting of template field. It works great in Glide.

@StinsonOwner , what Mona means with geocode is lat-long coordinates: (lattitude,longitude). In Glide, you can have a column in your table with lat,long coordinates and the map component will place the pin nicely.

If your club however has always collected addresses with street, city, state and zip, you could stick to that and it should work fine.

Thanks all, the Template approach worked well for what I wanted to accomplish. Thank you.


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