Map and locations not working for certain users

I had someone check out my Glide app on her samsung galaxy note and none of the location based information was working and the map view just said it was empty. The Location is turned on in her phone settings and the app asked her permission to use her location and she said yes and still nothing.

She sent me a recording of it and these are screen shots:

The map is completely empty and
The profiles are supposed to have the distance to the user listed and they don’t, they just say the address

This happened by directly sharing the link with her:

Might need to show how the Map is setup. I see the addresses and distance on your main page, but my map view is also blank. Do you have any filters such as distance to a salon?

that is so bizarre.

I have a setting that it only shows my paid users, which is “combined visibility” and that the area shown to them is less than 40 miles

I don’t think either of these should affect the complete lack of location data. Also thats weird that she doesn’t see distance on the main page but you do. And the main page has nothing to do with the map except that they are both related to location working. And it’s working for a bunch of other people including on all my devices?

Ah well I think for myself because none of your salons are within 40 mi of me, there is nothing to show. How close is your friend?

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makes sense. she’s very close, 2 miles away from the salon she goes to which is listed on the app. Also if you’re not within the 40 miles, it should still show a blank map right, not just say “no data”

Just had someone else try that’s currently IN one of the salons and it says no data

Nevermind I see you wrote it above

I reported a bug. I think somethings wrong. More and more people are telling me that they can’t see the map

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Yea. I checked my Map on another app and seemed to be ok. Only other thing I would try is to remove all visibility settings to see if that helped.

i have no visibility settings set on mine, only the filters for the users who shows up on the map.

From my devices everything still works too so it’s hard to even test