Distance info not displaying

My app is a directory of medical services. I was able to create a “distance” column and add that info to the details page for individual services as well as the map of those services. It works perfectly well in the preview mode while editing the app. However, when I’m looking at the actual app on my iphone, instead of seeing the distance where it should be, there’s a grey rectangle in both instances where it should be displayed.

Is anyone else encountering this? On a pro account.

App address is: https://yjftj.glideapp.io/.

I saw a gray box until I allowed the app to use my location. This was on the desktop browser. Are you blocking location services on your device, or did you block the app from having access to location?

Great suggestion, thank you. I can’t find the app in my location permissions on my phone (all turned on anyway) and didn’t get asked at any point (restarted and even deleted the app on my phone for what it’s worth). The button to zone in on my location in the map doesn’t work either, predictably.

It’s likely something on my side then but I’ll probably just remove the functionality.

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@Ilan_Shahin On your iPhone, go to /Settings/Privacy/Location Services/Safari, then allow location access “while using the app”, then close your Glide App, re-open it and you should receive a location prompt that you should accept.


Ah, perfect! Thank you so much.

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